A really cool way to honor your loved ones!

The memories that you have of your friends and family are unique, just like you.

When those you love pass on, you could honor them in the traditional way with a somber service and serious words.

But there is another way. A way that celebrates all of the whacky, zany craziness that is LIFE.

We offer you one last escapade to share with your friend, partner, brother, sister, parent, pet or partner-in-crime. There’s a reason that many of us are choosing to remember our loved ones with a “celebration of life”!

We say, go OUT WITH A BANG!

But how??

We're talking ashes and fireworks!

Our awesome OUT WITH A BANG fireworks package - order today!

We’re offering a one-of-a-kind package of two awesome firework cakes to help celebrate the life of your loved one! Our carefully chosen fireworks are easy, safe and fun. They sit flat on the ground, and you will love the “bang” you get. 

Here’s how to send them OUT WITH A BANG (See the fine print):

  • Find an out-of-the-way location far from any flammable items
  • Insert some of your loved one’s ashes into our two spectacular OUT WITH A BANG cakes of fireworks (see how in the video below).
  • Light the fuses and enjoy more than 70 colorful fireworks shots and a beautiful spread of sparkling light
  • Make it a party! Play the music they loved and share your favorite memories and photos. Serve their favorite food and drink.
  • All this for CAN$139, all in. Canada-wide shipping and taxes included.

Not dead yet? ... Cool!

Make a plan and provide directions in your last will and testament.

PICTURE IT! You’re lying in the coffin of a “traditional” wake before they bury you or turn you to ashes. But wait … what’s happening?

The funeral director announces a special event out in the parking lot, or somewhere nearby that means something special to you. As per YOUR wishes to go OUT WITH A BANG, two bricks of cool fireworks are to be set off near your coffin … start up some rousing polka music before the fuses are lit … invite a bagpiper buddy to play … use your imagination.

After all this is YOUR day … 

Not dead yet? ... Cool! Let's party!!

Order your OUT WITH A BANG package here:

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Out with a Bang!

    Sending my good friend Alvin OUT WITH A BANG

    More video:

    The Fine Print

    Payment for our OUT WITH A BANG package is via e-transfer only. Details will be emailed to you upon receipt of your order.

    To complete your order, valid forms of ID include (must NOT be expired):

    • driver’s license that is issued by a province or territory or the equivalent abroad
    • Canadian passport
    • foreign passport that meets the requirements
    • non-driver’s license issued by a province or territory
    • ID card issued by the federal, provincial or territorial government
    • Certificate of Indian Status (Canada)
    • Canadian military ID
    • employee identification issued by the federal, provincial or territorial government

    Of course, I can’t tell you what to do, or even encourage it. Here are some guidelines:

    • Make sure you have proper permits or use private property and follow the local bylaws.
    • Be aware of fire bans.
    • Warn the neighbors!
    • A little common sense goes a long way.
    Out with a Bang!


    Cleve Hamilton, Owner

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      Out with a Bang!



      Cleve Hamilton, Owner

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